Final Research Project

Final Research Paper is assigned in the beginning of your last term for Ayurveda Counselor. (Whew! this means you made it through Term 1, 2 and 3).

At the end of the fourth term, the school sends out a progress report. Students must make sure all assignments, forum discussion assignments, Quizzes and/or workbooks are completed and sent in by then.

Final Research Project

Instructions: 900- 1100 Words Apx. Final research project report may be published in School Blog. This paper maybe shared with NAMA also. Students can also do a 30-35 page extensive slideshow. This is a sample of how final project rubric.

Total Scores: 125

Introduction: What is the project? Why are you are choosing to do it? Marks - 5
Western Viewpoint: Referred from different sources in your own words including research, treatment, symptoms etc--Marks 15
Ayurvedic Viewpoint/Perspective; Sources from our course material/research in your OWN words
Ayurvedic Viewpoint-Sub Points
Ahara Cikitsa
Vihara CIkitsa
Dravya Cikitsa (herbs)
Marma Cikitsa (if applicable)
Uses & Applications ---Marks 25

Case Study or real time examples used- --Marks 10
Herbs if applicable- Marks 20
Diet plan if applicable - Marks 20
Conclusion- Marks 10
Primary References Example books with author names, course material-with teachers' names/notes, interviewing actual clients.
Secondary Sources-Internet websites--Marks 5
Audio, Visual Aids, Photos- Marks 10

Examples of a "portion" of students projects are listed below for references.

September 7- ROUGH DRAFT of your Final RESEARCH project due-please email me or via google drive. Share via DROPBOX or GOOGLE DRIVE with me.