Online Ayurveda Courses

Narayana Ayurveda & Yoga Academy (NAYA) is a private recreational online college offering Yoga and Ayurveda classes, and, certificate programs.


*To conduct affordable Ayurvedic, yoga therapy and Meditation workshops based on Vedic Principles, rooted in mother nature.
* Support Healing through through an organic Plant Based Vegetarian Diet Principles
*Living in harmony with nature.
*To propogate a Sattvik Vegetarian Diet offered to Dieties
*To cultivate in our students - love of nature, environment and earth and inner harmony through free community workshops in schools.
*To propogate honor, and, respect for the teachings and teachers, as well as the Vedas.
*To conduct affordable online and onsite Ayurvedic certificate courses recognized by NAMA. (National Ayurvedic Medical Association)
*To conduct onsite holistic community workshops about Integration of mindful exercise like yoga, growing organic herbs and vegetables, nutrition lessons for less privileged, and stress reduction through use of Meditation for balance and stress
*To conduct affordable online and onsite Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Therapy Teacher training, Meditation coach training courses online and onsite that are recognized by Yoga Alliance and IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists)
*To mobilize the students of our certificate courses to conduct onsite workshops, education and coaching as a spiritual and Ayurvedic counselor in their own community.

What do we teach

NAYA aims to preach - Ayurveda, an ancient healing art, philosophy and a science from India. The Ayurvedic Wellness Institute Inc. reflects the Vedic Learning tradition that emphasizes the use of mediation, yoga practices, Jyotish (Vedic or Hindu Astrology), and plant based diet within the purview of Ayurvedic Philosophy that assist an individual in a healthy practices for their physical body, mind, and spirit.

For each of us to develop as practitioners, experiencing this tradition and all its components helps to expand our inner awareness is important. We provide courses for self benefit or for a certification through affordable online open source training .

Our Philosophy
Wholeness : Living in harmony with the nature and earth
Humility: Practicing humility through surrender to nature’s intelligence, and, teaching that to the community
Ahimsa : Living in Harmony with nature and a plant based diet that does not harm the environment and other creatures.
Giving Back : Committing to give back to earth by using organic foods, recycling and restoring nature.
Meditation : Practicing Sadhana, (daily Practice) Restoring balance by meditation
Consciousness : Cultivating inner awareness and knowingness

Our team has five teachers - each one of us practices Ayurvedic Vegetarian Diet or are Vegan. Most of the students who join our course also conduct community workshops. We offer excellent online training delivery in United States, with a fraction of a price. Community Workshops are free of charge.

Affordable Onsite Workshops

Onsite workshops are conducted in yoga studios, temples, Radha Madhava Dham at Austin, Soma Vida at downtown Austin. Workshops are 3/4th day of studying followed by Student clinics every day.