Ayurveda Wellness Practitioner - Level 2 (600 Hrs)

Ayurvedic Wellness Practitioner (700 Hrs)

Next Group Begins MAY 24th 2014

Batch 19, and Batch 20 that is due to start can also apply for this program now along with students from other Ayurveda Institutes.

Pre- Requisite - Block 1 Foundation 100 Hours. Knowledge of Human Anatomy and Physiology Systems will help, but not essential.

Note: If a student has no background in Anatomy and Physiology at the Post Secondary Level - our school provides some extra make up classes as well.

Pre Requisite- Must have completed Block 1 100 Hours, or an Ayurveda course from a NAMA approved Institute. The course is made up of four semesters. And, if a student drops out after a semester -- He or she is still eligible for a diploma based on the course completed. Please note that a student must finish their Block 1 in order to enroll and be accepted by the college faculty into this program. This program is 90% online and requires and internship/workshop at our location.

Block 3 Course Start Dates:

May 24 2014
July 31st 2014
September 2014
November 2014

Please fill up the Application Form in order to be considered.

The 600 Hour Certificate Ayurvedic Practitioner Program is based on Ayurveda's holistic way of living and health and overexceeds and more than fulfills NAMA requirements for a 500 Hour Ayurveda Wellness Practitioner.

The AWP 600 program includes a comprehensive Ayurveda education that focuses on Ayurveda principles of Herbology, Nutrition protocols, daily routines, yoga therapy practices and meditation giving you the necessary preparatory tools to start your practice.

Please note that we require the FOUNDATION Level 1 COURSE 100 Hours. Applicable Class Hours are applied towards the 600 Hours Practitioner Course. Download the Course Catalog below for more information.

Course is blended - online, distant learning, an INTENSIVE at our location and LIVE virtual classes twice times a week.

Experiential with lots of case studies, the course is highly interactive and dynamic learning experience.

If a student misses a 'class', a recording link is provided.


Class Calender:


Core Curriculum Hours:

Core Curriculum: 400 Hrs
Peripheral Courses: 150 Hrs
Internship/Case Studies: 25 Hrs+ 25 Hrs = 50 Hrs (All Classroom Hours or Done in presence of a Facilitator)