International Program

Affordable and Online Program for International Students

Name of the course: ONLINE Ayurveda Yoga Counselor(Only offered to International students living outside USA)

Course Code AHE 300 Hrs
MaterialsStudy Aids, DVD's, Printed Modules Supplied by College
Pre Requisites Foundation program

This course is 100% online, and, suggested for International participants.

$189 x 10 payments (First and Last payment due in advance)

Training Delivery 100% online. Does not require travel at all. This course is meant for those international participants who are unable to travel, and, still want to receive a great foundation.

Overview The Program is exactly the same as Ayurveda Yoga Therapy-Level 2 without the any of the onsite requirements.


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This program requires 10 client encounters with follow ups submitted online.

The program starts where the foundation course leaves off, and, has some course units and modules in common with Ayurveda Counselor program. These include Ayurveda Kriya Sharira Part 1 , Ayurveda and the Manasa(mind), Ayurvedic Nutrition and Ayurvedic Herbs.

The course has no electives.

This program is offered by our sister college san diego college of ayurveda in California.

Scope of this course

An Ayurvedic Yoga Counselor should be able to holistically assess doshic imbalances in men and women and aims to educate their client about specific Pranayana, Yoga Poses, Ayurvedic Nutrition, their doshas, prana, and ojas. They can counsel about manasa imbalances related to Tamas and Rajas, dhatu imbalances of rasa especially in women, using darshanam and prashanam tools given during online training.

How Long does this course take?

3 quuarters of 10-12 weeks each

Please note that a student must successfully complete their Ayurveda 101 -50 Hrs in order to enroll and be accepted by the college faculty into this program.

** If you have previous skill or knowledge through a NAMA approved institution for a core subject, or, elective--you can bypass some classes.

How does Health Educator Training delivery work?

1. Home Study (Elective) and Distant Learning. (Pre recorded classes and material may be provided)
2. Classes taken online via WEBEX*, or WEBEX CLASS RECORDINGS (require Internet Connexion) and, accessed through our LMS are usually Core Courses.
3. Evaluation Workbooks must be submitted on Google Drive for collaboration.
4. Youtube and archived recordings may be available as well.



Please note that Ayurveda is not recognized by FDA, and remains a holistic health modality, recognized as a complimentary medicine in only some states in USA. Ayurveda and its practitioners are not meant to treat, diagnose or assess any disease

Ayurvedic Ahara 50 Hours

Food is Medicine. In order to bring balance and harmony to our life, it is important we understand what herbs, spices, and food groups help balance us.

This 50 Hour Ayurvedic Nutrition and Culinary Meal planning course is online, home study course, with 'live' classes in a virtual classroom.

Pre Requisite: 100 Hour Block 1 Foundation course, Or, previous knowledge of Ayurveda.

Cost= $349 for the enrollment/course material.

This course may include videos of herbs, spices, and teaches you how to cook, store, dry your food! Food combination guidelines and dietetics for Kapha, Pitta and Vata body types and vice versa.

The 50 Hour Ayurvedic Cooking is a blended course. A portion of it is done online, virtual live classes, where we cover the:

1. Six Tastes, Affinities with Dhatus, Doshas and Different ailments - online
2. Process of Digestion from Ayurvedic Perspective - online
3. Agni and Digestion, 13 types of Agnis in detail - online
4. Ama and meal planning for removing ama - online
5. Ayurveda and Different diets - raw, vegan, lacto, lacto-ova, Macrobiotics - online
6. Rasa, Virya, Vipaka and Energetics of different grains, beverages, herbs, spices, vegetables and preparation methodology (Practicum).

Can be started anytime, after, finishing the BLOCK 1 foundation course.

Payment is done via credit card. Student can pay the full amount for a 10% discount, or, in two installments.

Here is a sample of one 'live' online class: