Free Seminars and Webinars

San Diego College of Ayurveda is an online, and virtual provider of Ayurveda workshops, courses, webinars and seminars. Here is a list of events:


FREE YOGA CLASS - Mondays or Wednesdays Evening. Registration required
FREE AYURVEDA HERB WORKSHOP. (Registration of $25 required to cover cost of herbs and material)

Online Webinars

Ayurveda 101- Introduction to Ayurveda. Scope in United States. Tuesday morning 9 AM PST Online Webinar at:

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Tridoshas 101 - Introduction to Tridoshas.

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Ayurveda Cooking and Culinary Course Read More

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Ayurveda Tongue Reading March 26, Saturday- 6 hours $79

Make your own Ayurvedic Oils, Triphala, Ghritum and Herbal decoctions March 27, Sunday - 8 hours $112

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Ayurveda Cooking and Nutrition Ist Sunday of May 2011 - 6 hours $69 + cost of material
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Ayurvedic Pulse and Biofeedback July 15th 2011

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Panchakarma July 18th 2011 - July 20th 2011
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Past Events and Seminars:

December 2011Panchakarma Workshop

September 5th, Sunday 2010- 10 AM - 1 PM
Self Healing for Women
Learn your body type, what makes you tick, spices good for your body and mind type and yoga and therapies good for you. Special guidance for balancing your monthly cycle through herbs. Great for post natal moms, stressed out women, pre or post menopausal ladies or those simply wanting to 'discover' themselves. Donation. Suggested Donation $21.

Emotional Healing Workshop -October -November 2010 Emotional Healing by mending your relationships. Click Here for More Information"

August 7th, Saturday, 2010 - 4 PM - Bhagavat Gita class and Nam Kirtan. Free Prasad Dinner. Contact for registeration.