National Council for Ayurveda Education

National Council on Ayurveda Education

San Diego College of Ayurveda is proud to be a member of National Council on Ayurvedic Medicine. The site goes live today. Here is a message from the Acting president.

Announcement: The National Council on Ayurvedic Medicine Goes Live!

Dear Practitioners, Students and Community Members,

Many of you have heard that an effort has been taking place to begin an association of Ayurvedic Schools and Colleges. The National Council on Ayurvedic Education is the outcome of these efforts and we are pleased to announce that the organization is going live!
The National Council is a vital part of the infrastructure of the profession. All health care professions have Council of schools to facilitate consistency in education and uniform standards of competency. The National Council has many roles and these are described below.
We know that many of you will have questions about the new organization. What is it? How does it affect me? This announcement will answer many of those questions and lead you to our Web Page for more information.

Our Mission

The mission of the National Council on Ayurvedic Education is to unify the efforts of the schools to advance Ayurvedic education in the United States while supporting and honoring individualized approaches that lead to competency.
How Will This Affect Students and Practitioners

The National Council will be developing National Board Examinations to be administered to graduates of approved Member Schools in 2016. Passing the National Board Exams will give you added credibility. You will then be able to say that you are "Board Certified" by the National Council on Ayurvedic Education. The administration of National Board Certification examinations are an important step toward State Licensing.

How is the National Council of Ayurvedic Education (NCAE) different from NAMA?

The National Council is an association of schools. NAMA is an association of practitioners. As the profession grows, the regulation of schools is taken care of, in part, by an association of the schools working together to improve education. National Councils such as the NCAE typically develop and administer National Examinations. The National Council does not accept membership from students or practitioners. Please note that we encourage all students and practitioners to become members of NAMA. Practitioners need a strong association to look after the legal landscape of Ayurveda and to develop public awareness.
How can I get more information?

You can keep up on developments by going to Here you can read about all of the goals of the organization. You can also review the adopted Standards of Education and Scope of Practice that have been approved.

Dr Marc Halpern

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