Learn to create balance and harmony with ancient Indian secrets of Ayurveda by attending our webinars

Feeling Stress and Moody?

Some of our webinars deal with how you can combat your stress and moodiness through simple aromatherapy, meditation and yoga, simple diet tips learn about the best diet and recipes that suit you, and, support your stress.

Feeling Sluggish?

Our 12 part Webinar series on Ancient Secrets of Ayurveda also talk about a general food plans and shopping for groceries, creating your ayurvedic pantry, kitchen recipes, herbs, meditation and yoga for your dosha.

Want to pack homemade lunches?

There are webinars for creating some simple lunch recipes that can be packed for work and for your kid’s school lunches. Last, but not least, we will have fun and share simple tips for a healthier and balanced living in school, or work environment.


Learn about Sanskrit from our Sanskrit Webinars. The focus is on Ayurveda and Yoga related Sanskrit


Series of Vastu webinars suited to anyone who wants to bring good energy to their home or office

Our Webinars are open to all homemakers, general public.
Idea is to create a pro-wellness environment in our life by using the modality of of yoga and ancient Ayurveda practices. Webinars have no pre requisites. Most webinars come in a series. Proof of participation in webinar is awarded as well.

Our webinars are like a private and small e-conference, Live, Interactive and can be attended from your own home. All you need is a computer and a good internet connexion.

Webinars can be Free, or start from $12-$20 per Webinar and open to anyone. Webinar may last one-two hours. If you miss it, we provide you a recording to watch later.

Coming Soon-2018

Webinars are available for

*Introduction to Ayurveda Free
*Unlocking...secrets of Ayurveda Series of 12 webinars
*Online Open House Free
*Sanskrit (Series) $10 per Webinar
*Meditation $5
*Vastu $12 per Webinar
*Yoga Therapy $20 per Webinar
*Aromatherapy in Ayurveda $12 per Webinar x 2
*Jyotish $12 per Webinar
*Introduction to Panchakarma $12 per Webinar
*Herb Making $12 per Webinar
*Ayurvedic Nutrition $12 per Webinar
*Self Support during Menopause $12 per Webinar
*Self Support during PMS $12 per Webinar
*Self Support during Menstrual Cycle $12 per Webinar
*Creating an Altar for Meditation $12 per Webinar
*Managing stress through Breathing $12 per Webinar