AC105-Kriya Sharira

Ayurveda Kriya Sharira (Workings of Mind, Body and Spirit)
AC105 50 Hrs/18 Lessons

Pre-requisites: AC101


Students shall be able to list, explain and understand the workings of the body, mind, and spirit (Sharira Rachna) including 7 Tissues or dhatus, upadhatus, and srotas. Students will also learn about imbalances associated with dosha and dhatu interplay, increase or decrease of dhatus.


Lesson 1-Three stages of digestion and creation of Dhatus
Lesson 2- Overview of 7 Dhatus, Sub Dhatus, Mala, Secondary Dhatus Lesson 3- Rasa Dhatu and Rasavaha Srotas: Lymphatic System
Lesson 4- Raktachapa (Hypertension) and Cardiovascular system
Lesson 5– Imbalances of Skin, Artavavaha Srotas, Stanyavaha srotas: Reproductive System and Lactiferous Ducts
Lesson 6 & 7- Rakta Dhatu and Raktavaha Srotas: Pandu (Anemia), Spleen and Liver
Lesson 8- Mamsa Dhatu and Mamsavaha Srotas, Anatomy of Musculoskeletal system Lesson 8- Meda dhatu and Medavaha Srotas; Kidneys and Omentum
Lesson 9- Asthi Dhatu and Asthivaha srotas: Bones, Bone Marrow
Lesson 10- Majja Dhatu and Majjavha srotas; Endocrine and Nervous System
Lesson 11- Shukra dhatu and Shukravaha Srotas; Reproductive and Uro Genital system
Lesson 12- Disorders of Prana, Ojas, and Tejas; Concept of Immunity
Lesson 13- Pranavaha, Svedavaha, Purishavaha, and Udakavaha Srotas; Respiratory and Kidneys
Lesson 14 Dusthi and 4 types of imbalances in Srotas
Lesson 15- Imbalances associated with all dhatus- part1
Lesson 16 Imbalances associated with all dhatus- part2
Lesson 17 Ayurvedic Support for dhatu and srota imbalances
Lesson 18 Client Encounters

Total Lessons: 25

Grades- 70% to Pass
Essays, articles and Discussions- 40%
Final Quizzes-50%
Mock Client Encounters- 10%