AC107-Internship Module

Ayurveda Internship
Code: AC107
Hours- 100
Lessons- 12

Pre-requisites: AC101 (in progress)

Students shall be able to teach and educate their clients in an efficient ethical manner, understand their scope of practice, and utilize forms, questionnaires, and tools needed for their own practice. Part of this module may be covered in an onsite internship.

Lesson Outline

Lesson 1 Ethics
Lesson 2 Scope of Practice
Lesson 3 HIPPAA and FDA Laws
Lesson 4 Use of forms and questionnaires
Lesson 5 Ayurveda Counseling Skills
Lesson 6 Client Encounters Observation and Demonstration
Lesson 7 Business Skills
Lesson 8 Demonstration of parikshas
Lesson 9 Demonstration of ahara recipe creations
Lesson 10 Different client demographics
Lesson 11 Writing up Cikitsa plan for clients
Lesson 12 Client Follow up

Grades: Pass or Fail.
(In-person or Online participation is specified in Transcript)

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