AC108 Introduction to Ayurvedic Herbs

Introduction to Ayurvedic Herbs
AC108 50 Hrs
Lessons 12

Pre-requisites: AC101

Synopsis: Student shall be able to list energetics, benefits of 25 principle Ayurvedic Herbs, and, 10 kitchen spices. Students shall be able to identify and suggest the best supportive herb for three doshas, seven dhatus, and, Agni imbalances for a well person with mild imbalance.

Lesson Outline
Lesson 1- Principles of Ayurvedic Herbology
Lesson 2- Herbs for 3 Doshas
Lesson 3- Herbs for Dhatus
Lesson 4- Herbs that support Notification and Detoxification Lesson 5- Herbs for Srotas
Lesson 6- List of Herbs with their energetics
Lesson 7- Rasayana Herbs
Lesson 8 Anupanas
Lesson 9 Herbal Chikitsa
Lesson 10 Ayurvedic Aromatics and oils
Lesson 11: Sourcing of Ayurvedic Kitchen Spices and Herbs
Lesson 12-Rasa Pancadi- Virya, Vipaka, Guna, Karma, and Prabhava

Total Lessons: 12

70% to Pass
Essays, articles and Discussions- 25%
Final Quizzes-50% Labs/practicum-25%