AC109 Ayurvedic Nidan and Causative Factors

Ayurvedic Nidan and Causative Factors
AC109-50 Hrs/12 Lessons

Pre-requisites: AC101

Synopsis: Students shall be able to define Ayurvedic Nidan and list the Hetus and Causative factors in Roga Nidan for dosha, dhatu imbalances. Students will be able to understand the biofeedback principles used in Ayurveda called dashavidha pariksha and Trividha Pariksha.

Lesson Outline

Lesson 1 Introduction to Ayurvedic Roga Nidan
Lesson 2 Vyadhi and its classification
Lesson 3: Jihva and Mukha Pariksha
Lesson 4: Nadi Pariksha
Lesson 5- Causative Factors and Hetus for imbalances
Lesson 6 and 7- Stages of progression of imbalance (nidan Panchak, Samprapti, Shata Kriya Kala, and Hetus)
Lesson 8-, Dasha Vidha Pariksha (Tenfold biofeedback) part 1
Lesson 9- Asta Vidha Pariksha
Lesson 10- Concept of Kaya Cikitsa
Lesson 11- Final Research Project guidelines and discussions
Lesson 12- Client Encounter Observations

Total Lessons: 12

70% to Pass
Quiz- 10%
Mock Client Encounters-70%