AC110 Marma Chikitsa (Introduction to Marma Points)

Marma Chikitsa
AC 110- 40 Hrs/8 Lessons

Pre-requisites: AC 101

Synopsis: Students shall learn Ayurvedic support (chikitsa), the theory of 108 Marma Points, and apply these principles of Cikitsa and Ayurvedic Support for specific imbalances using knowledge of Marmas. (Part of this module may be covered in an onsite internship.)

Lesson Outline
Lesson 1 Introduction to 108 Marmas
Lesson 2 Application of Marmas in your practice
Lesson 3 Marmas of Back, Legs, and Feet
Lesson 4 Marma, Chakras and Crystals
Lesson 5 Energy Healing of Marmas
Lesson 6 Marma and Nadis
Lesson 7 Practicing Marma Cikitsa on self and clients
Lesson 8 Marma and Herbal Oils (tailams) and Herbal Pastes (Lepas)

Pass or Fail
No grades