Ayurvedic Meal - and its components.

Ayurveda believes that if your plant based diet is local, or, hyperlocal as one of my students call it -- it is full of prana, nourishment.

If it is local and organic -- now, it is not only full of prana, life, - but, also has good karma. Karma attributed to following the cycle of nature, or the plants with pesticides or chemicals.

And, if that wasnt good enough -- if it is local, organic and grown with love and intention of 'healing' --suddenly it is not just food, it is a therapeutic healing plant based food.

Last, but, not the least is cooking with INTENTION to heal, cooking with love. Cooking as a meditation.

I am attaching a photo of an Ayurvedic Meal straight from a garden.

Coriander and Mint Chutney is perfect - very mildly spiced is perfect for a Pitta constitution.

Sweet tomato chutney made out of heirloom tomato variety, is, excellent for Vata constitution.

All vegetable are hyperlocal, organic, and, sauteed in 'ghee'. And, yes, grown with love, cooked with a healing intention.

Ayurveda is not big on raw salad, espeically for Vata. Salads and Leafy Greens are made up of the Space Element. So, are Vata Types. So, Leafy greens are sauteed or steamed slightly to remove the space element.

Hence, the leafy greens are slightly sauteed as well -- along with some basic khichdi.