PAYMENT OPTIONS Track A and Track B have separate course fees.

Payments Amount for Track B Amount for Track A
First Installment $330 $330
Second Installment $330 $210
Third Installment $220 $210
Fourth Installment $220 none

Track A course fees are:

Block 1 $675 for 100 Hours. (If paid in advance) If paid by 3 installments it comes to $330, $210, $210,

Track B course fees are:

*Block 1 Track B (150 Hours) is $975. (Theres a 5% discount, Or, a free textbook if paid more than 30 days, and, full payment in advance)
*Block 2 Counselor fees is $2100, if paid by 8 installments, and, $1800 if fully paid in advance.
*Block 3 Ayurveda Practitioner 1100 Hours is $1800* (This is a work study program, so, students who work with us at our location, or teach online do not pay this amount. College will interview the candidates and work option is only at the discretion of the college)

Note: Fees amount, if paid in advance.

Do you have other payment options?

Compared to other Ayurveda colleges which end up being thousands of dollars--we keep our costs low and offer stand alone programs, flexible payment plans starting from $180** a month, as well as option of taking a break and starting the next level again within a few months without any extra monies. Plus, there is no traveling fees as most classes are online via Webex. Students only travel to our location once a year in Block 2 or Block 3.

Flexible payment plans are available as well.

Do you offer any Federal Aid?

No, we are a private college only offering certifications and do not offer any Aid or scholarships.