What is karma?

Think of karma as a line of credit from an issuing bank—except where the issuing bank is higher grahas/planets—and it is an exhaustive
source. We also have a negative line of credit. In this podcast, we will talk about the modern mainstream meaning of karma vs the philosophical meaning of karma. We will talk about three types of karma mentioned in Jaiva Dharma and Bhagavad Gita. How can we get rid of this bad karma--some ideas will be shared.

Karma has become a mainstream word. I have heard people say"karma is ..ich" so many times. It is now a common phrase used by everyone—in movies, in tv.

It seems that the concept of karma is created by a very judgmental superior person waiting around to punish us as soon as we do something bad.
I think in this world of instant reaction—when everything is instant—we want result of karma also instantly. In reality, it is not really like that.

You took my parking spot—just as I was about to park in that spot and did not even apologize—now Providence will punish you and take away your parking spot—no, nope—that is simply rude—not karma.