Counselor FAQ


Do you offer any internships?

Yes, we offer internships both via in-person and online track.

Students have to CHOOSE the option of the ONLINE track or HYBRID track. The online track is discounted and can be done completely online without leaving your home. The hybrid track requires 30% or 180 hours in person. (If you can't travel, you can also choose an externship option-talk to us directly about that)


Online track students complete their internship via video conferencing. The student logs in and observes during a presentation of a client encounter, or, a live appointment via zoom or Microsoft Teams with a client. Students may also observe other students/teachers conduct these appointments, or discuss paperwork. There are a total of 6 terms. Each term has different requirements for what the online student is required to do.


For students who choose to do hybrid track-they attend online classes and also attend in-person internships in Austin Tx. Students must RSVP and let us know in advance they are coming so we can hire an appropriate location.

Hybrid track students attend online classes, and, then travel to Austin on the scheduled internship dates. This track costs extra compared to the online track. The internship dates usually are from 9 am to 6 pm each day.

Students are informed of the internship location and time beforehand so they can book a hotel etc.

Do I need to be vaccinated to attend the in-person internship?

Students are required either to be vaccinated or provide a covid test within 3 days of internship.

What is the Tuition 2021-2022

Total Fees for monthly payment for the ONLINE track is $3910.
Full payment in an advance discount for ONLINE Track is $3553
Total Fees for monthly payment for the HYBRID track is $4910.
Full payment in the advance discount for Hybrid $4553.

Can the students choose which classes to attend

Classes are FIXED either on Saturday OR on Sunday and some weekdays. Students cannot pick and choose. Each term has different sessions.

For example:

Term 1 Sessions
Thursday evening 7 pm- 8.30 PM
Sunday mornings 8 am- 12-noon app.

Term 2 Sessions
Saturday mornings. 8 am - 12 noon
2 day Term 3 may only have Saturday mornings. Please check the calendar. (Begins from November)

Is your distance education on rolling admission (begin anytime)?

No its not. Classes for professional Ayurveda programs start three times a year.

Can I transfer credits into the program?

Yes, you can transfer credits up to 100 hours into the program. You must show proof of prior education and training in order to request a credit transfer. This reduces a student's class/homework time and gives them a cost-benefit as well.

Can I still attend the classes for the course I got credit for?
Technically by transferring credits, a student has opted out of the course and not signed for it. A student cannot attend classes for a course they did not sign up, or, paid for. Once a credit is transferred, a student cannot attend classes in that unit of the course and will not be given access to Canvas materials.

Attendance Policy

What is Cumulative Attendance for ONLINE course?

Ayurveda Counselor ONLINE track attendance is not calculated in a traditional format. The class hours are completed

1. Attending live classes via zoom in real-time. The teacher(s) mark the attendance, or, it is marked with our system.
2. Watching recorded classes in your own time. The system automatically marks it as complete via Video tracking.

2. Reading in your own time on our Learning management system and any reading or activity done on the learning management system marks it automatically completed
2. Reading your course material and books and marking it on the workspace. This is marked complete by the system.
3. Discussions on the forums with your peers. Attendance is automatically marked by the system.
5 Finishing assignments, and, quizzes. Marked complete by the system, or, the teacher.
6. Attending the onsite internship in Austin, Texas. Or, watch it online.
7. Internship attendance is counted by the number of client encounters observations (recorded by school) and a number of client encounters and the time spent (by the students).

2) What if I am not able to attend a live online class? Is there a makeup class

We have two types of makeup classes. A regular makeup class is when you miss a live session. When you are not able to attend, you can watch the class recording, and, then email or call us with your questions. For some topics, you may be asked to finish a written assignment to prove that you have understood.

Please note that not all classes are recorded. Class quizzes are given at end of the quarter, or, client encounters may not be recorded. In that case, you may have to take the quiz at another time or schedule an offline time to present your client encounter.

3) What is a remedial makeup class?

Remedial makeup class is especially meant for students who are not passing the course, or, are not demonstrating satisfactory progress, Or, late by more than 30 days in the submission of assignments may be asked to do remedial work. Or, If a student requires extra tutoring or makeup classes in different subjects these may be given at $10 per hour.

4) Can I repeat a course?
A student who is enrolled and needs to repeat one-course module only, due to attendance purposes, or, because they are failing a class may do so for a flat fee of $100 for administration charges.

5) Can I get some extra tutoring?

Or, If a student requires extra tutoring or makeup classes in different subjects these may be given at $10 per hour.