Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer any internships?

Yes, we offer internships both via in-person and online track.

Students have to CHOOSE the option of the ONLINE track or HYBRID track. The online track is discounted and can be done completely online without zero traveling. This track lasts apx 12-13 months. The hybrid track requires over 100* hours of in-person classroom instruction under an instructor as per NAMA standards. This track can last 12-14 months.(If you cant travel, you can also choose an externship option-talk to us directly about that)

*NAMA may increase classroom hours in 2022.


Online track students complete their internship via video conferencing. The student logs in and observes during a presentation of a client encounter, or, a live appointment via zoom or Microsoft Teams with a client. Students may also observe other students/teachers conduct these appointments, or discuss paperwork. There are a total of 6 terms. Each term has different requirements for what the online student is required to do. Students get a discounted rate compared to Hybrid track. (There is a discount of $1000 for online only students bringing the tuition fees to a very affordable 13 or 14 monthly payment)

Can an online track person attend in person day

Yes, it is possible only if we have space available. The online student can attend for a rate of $100 per day provided we have availability. (1 internship day is 8 hours minimum. So, if you attend half a day-it will be $50. If you attend 2 days it will be $200 and so on)


For students who choose to do hybrid track-they attend online classes and also attend in-person internships. Students must RSVP and let us know in advance they are coming so we can hire an appropriate location. Internship in person costs $1000 which includes all internship days spread over 12 months. If you miss a day, you can make up either by attending online or in person. Do note that if you are planning to take the NAMACB exam-they require a certain number of in person hours.

Hybrid track students attend online classes, and, then travel to Austin on the scheduled internship dates. This track costs extra compared to the online track. The internship dates usually are from 9 am to 6 pm each day.

Students are informed of the internship location and time beforehand so they can book a hotel etc.

Can I switch from Hybrid to online?

You can sign an addendum that you are switching and the pro-rated fees for internship days attended will be $100 per day. So, if you have attended 3 days-you'd owe a balance of 300.

What is the Tuition 2021-2022

Total Fees for monthly payment for the ONLINE track is $3910.
Full payment in an advance discount for ONLINE Track is $3553
Total Fees for monthly payment for the HYBRID track is $4910.
Full payment in the advance discount for Hybrid $4553.

Can the students choose which classes to attend

Classes are FIXED either on Saturday OR on Sunday and some weekdays. Students cannot pick and choose. Each term has different sessions.

For example:

Term 1, Term 2 Sessions
Thursday evening 7 pm- 8.30 PM
Sunday mornings 8 am- 12-noon app.
Internship weekends- 9 am to 6 pm- (Last weekend of the month)

Term 3 and Term 4 Sessions
Saturday mornings. 8 am - 12 noon
2 day Term 3 may only have Saturday mornings. Please check the calendar. (Begins from November)
Internship weekend 9 am to 6 pm- (Last weekend of the month*)

*Not every month has an internship weekend. For example, July or December-there is no internship. This may vary from cohort to cohort.

Is your distance education on rolling admission (begin anytime)?

No its not. Classes for professional Ayurveda programs start three times a year.

Can I transfer credits into the program?

Yes, you can transfer credits up to 100 hours into the program. You must show proof of prior education and training in order to request a credit transfer. This reduces a student's class/homework time and gives them a cost-benefit as well.

Can I still attend the classes for the course I got credit for?
Technically by transferring credits, a student has opted out of the course and not signed for it. A student cannot attend classes for a course they did not sign up, or, paid for. Once a credit is transferred, a student cannot attend classes in that unit of the course and will not be given access to Canvas materials.

Attendance Policy

What is Cumulative Attendance for ONLINE course?

Ayurveda Counselor ONLINE track attendance is not calculated in a traditional format. The class hours are completed

1. Attending live classes via zoom in real-time. The teacher(s) mark the attendance, or, it is marked with our system.
2. Watching recorded classes in your own time. The system automatically marks it as complete via Video tracking.

2. Reading in your own time on our Learning management system and any reading or activity done on the learning management system marks it automatically completed
2. Reading your course material and books and marking it on the workspace. This is marked complete by the system.
3. Discussions on the forums with your peers. Attendance is automatically marked by the system.
5 Finishing assignments, and, quizzes. Marked complete by the system, or, the teacher.
6. Attending the onsite internship in Austin, Texas. Or, watch it online.
7. Internship attendance is counted by a number of client encounters observations (recorded by school) and a number of client encounters and the time spent (by the students).

2) What if I am not able to attend a live online class? Is there a makeup class

We have two types of makeup classes. A regular makeup class is when you miss a live session. When you are not able to attend, you can watch the class recording, and, then email or call us with your questions. For some topics, you may be asked to finish a written assignment to prove that you have understood.

Please note that not all classes are recorded. Class quizzes are given at end of the quarter, or, client encounters may not be recorded. In that case, you may have to take the quiz at another time or schedule an offline time to present your client encounter.

3) What is a remedial make up class?

Remedial makeup class is especially meant for students who are not passing the course, or, are not demonstrating satisfactory progress, Or, late by more than 30 days in the submission of assignments may be asked to do remedial work. Or, If a student requires extra tutoring or makeup classes in different subjects these may be given at $10 per hour. For in-person internship, make up is charged at $100 per internship day (8-10 hours)

4) Can I repeat a course?
A student who is enrolled and needs to repeat one course only, due to attendance purposes, or, because they are failing a class may do so for a flat fee of $100 for administration charges.

5) Can I get some extra tutoring?

Or, If a student requires extra tutoring, or makeup classes in different subjects these may be given at $10 per hour.

Ayurveda in the USA

Does your school have an affiliation/internship in India at an Ayurvedic hospital? (Many Ayurvedic schools offer this as part of training)?

No we dont at this point.

Ayurveda is a stand alone Medical System in India whereas in USA is only considered a complimentary medicine.

Indian students are considered Medical students and are governed under Indian Medical laws. The Indian Ayurveda students are allowed to treat and diagnose disease. Ayurveda is taught like Medicine and students are working with real time patients.Foreigners and outsiders are not allowed to touch the Indian patients and only allowed to watch them. Foreign students are demonstrated Panchakarma massage therapies by some mom and pop establishments like Abhyanga, Udvartana by many of these colleges. Students wont be allowed to practice in USA without a State Massage License.

Practice and teaching of Ayurveda as a modality in USA is different. There are no patients--only clients and practitioners can counsel them and work within their state laws. FDA does not recognized Ayurveda. In USA --Ayurveda is a complimentary health system rooted in Vedas and and Ayurvedic Practitioners are NOT allowed to practice medicine that includes diagnose, treat any disease. Ayurveda is integrated with Medical education in India, and Indian Ayurveda Students study 8 years in a university.

This is why, if you are not a medical doctor or a health professional we see Internships in India as not viable for our students. (At this point)


I have some previous knowledge of Ayurveda? Can I transfer some credits?

The distance learning we provide includes actual class time with an instructor. This is a requirement by National Ayurvedic Medical Association. (For 600 Hr Nama approved course --300 Hrs must be actual interaction with the teachers).

For this reason, we can only transfer around 25 Hours from any 'distance learning' course in block 1 foundation, and, 100 Hours in Block 2. Our focus is to apply the knowledge in a real life scenario, remove causative factors and start even block 1 students with introductory basic Rx protocols.

Student maybe required to talk to a professor or a teacher to determine their basic knowledge and its application. (Over the phone), and, provide us with a certificate of previous knowledge or a transcript from a NAMA approved institution.

Please note we dont consider having read many books on Ayurveda, a substitute for learning under a qualified teacher or a Vaidya.

In the Block 2 - we may transfer upto another 100 Hrs. (Provided the student can successfully pass all the tests, quizzes and case studies --your knowledge and application of knowledge is determined by our professors)

We are trying to prepare our students for NAMA approved standards and more, so, our standards are very high.


PAYMENT OPTIONS Track A and Track B have separate course fees.

Payments Amount for Track B Amount for Track A
First Installment $330 $330
Second Installment $330 $210
Third Installment $220 $210
Fourth Installment $220 none

Track A course fees are:

Block 1 $675 for 100 Hours. (If paid in advance) If paid by 3 installments it comes to $330, $210, $210,

Track B course fees are:

*Block 1 Track B (150 Hours) is $975. (Theres a 5% discount, Or, a free textbook if paid more than 30 days, and, full payment in advance)
*Block 2 Counselor fees is $2100, if paid by 8 installments, and, $1800 if fully paid in advance.
*Block 3 Ayurveda Practitioner 1100 Hours is $1800* (This is a work study program, so, students who work with us at our location, or teach online do not pay this amount. College will interview the candidates and work option is only at the discretion of the college)

Note: Fees amount, if paid in advance.

Do you have other payment options?

Compared to other Ayurveda colleges which end up being thousands of dollars--we keep our costs low and offer stand alone programs, flexible payment plans starting from $180** a month, as well as option of taking a break and starting the next level again within a few months without any extra monies. Plus, there is no traveling fees as most classes are online via Webex. Students only travel to our location once a year in Block 2 or Block 3.

Flexible payment plans are available as well.

Do you offer any Federal Aid?

No, we are a private college only offering certifications and do not offer any Aid or scholarships.

How does the Hybrid Training Model Work?

What is Blended Hybrid Format of Learning? How will this work?

Blended learning is a formal education program in which a student learns at least in part through delivery of content and instruction via digital and online media with some element of student control over time, place, path, or pace. (Wikipedia)

We use a hybrid system of blended learning training delivery. (See next FAQ). The classes are replicated in a Virtual Learning Environment, instead, of a physical location. Online classes are conducted via Webinars or Virtual Classroom using Webex. Live classes can be accessed on the ‘go' on your iphone, ipad, Android smartphone, tablet or computer.

Track A programs (except Ayurveda Yoga teacher training) and Block 1 is completely online and does not require you to travel at all.

Track B advanced programs follow a blended hybrid format. Online classes, as well as onsite intensives twice a year that double up as internship. This can be waived for some international students on a case by case basis on the discretion of the college. The classes are replicated in a Virtual Learning Environment, instead, of a physical location. It also includes traditional home study and onsite classroom at our location.

What are the components of the Hybrid Learning Model

There are four components to our Hybrid Learning in Ayurveda -

Offline Component - Students receive enrollment packet with study modules, and study aids. Students study in their own time. Students can also log in at our Virtual Campus, and, watch pre recorded classes, watch slideshows, hear mp3 recordings of previous classes. Research by the students is considered offline and distant learning, as well.

This is the link to the LMS, or, our LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.

Interactive Component - Students can access case studies, or, post questions at our Forum. Students can take interactive online quizzes, and, post assignments online. Teachers will get back with the feedback. Students can interact with the teachers via email, or, forums. This is available on the

'LIVE' Classes via Webex - 'Live' classes via webex, Cisco technology two or three times a week. We replicate a classroom environment. Students receive an 'INVITE' to the live class with a password. Click on the URl and it takes you to our virtual classroom. Interact with the teacher live at this time. If you miss a class, watch the recording.

Weekend Intensives Onsite Intensives offered at our location twice a year for Track B Advanced programs. In addition, there are monthly workshops and community workshops. These are optional to attend for most of the other programs. . However, Track B Block 2 and Block 3 are required to attend at least one of these intensives as this doubles up as internship as well. The travelling and internship can be waived can be offered on a case by case basis if a student is international and unable to travel. However, this is at the discretion of the college.

Can I sign up for A La Carte Webinar classes without signing up for a course

Yes, provided our teachers are okay with it, yes you can attend online webinars without signing up for a course for Ayurvedic Nutrition, Ayurveda Yoga Therapy, Meditation or Sanskrit- for $25 per class. (Online classes run apx. 2 hrs)

Navigating the Online Course

Where is my online course located?

Your online course is not the San Diego College of Ayurveda website. It is a different website link. Please go to your browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, or, Firefox) and bookmark this link. Our Sunday classes are done on WEBEX APP. You can use a computer, smartphone or a tablet to log into the Webex Online Class on Sunday Mornings. (See next FAQ)

Download FAQ for logging in

Where do I put in my username and password

Go to this link, and, put in your username and password provided with your enrollment packet. For example 18-Mzuwen. Password will be sent in the enrollment packet as well. Please change your password.

I am joining Block 1. How do I begin?

As a Level 1 student, both Track A and Track B students get access to all course material as soon as they log in. Course category is Block 1. Course name listed below.

Block 1 Introduction to Ayurvedic Health Practices (Track A and Track B) will be name for your course. Block 2 will be the category for Block 2 students.

Who do I contact for course related, or, technical questions. Or, admissions related questions?

Technical issues:
Student counselor: Tamara

There is so much information, how do I navigate?

Wait for the orientation and how to navigate class. If you miss it, watch the orientation video. Here is an idea how the navigation works.

When you log in, you will see the Navigation buttons on the left hand side. (Below), and, upcoming classes just below that.

What do I need to begin the course?

1. Make sure you have your reading, audio, visual material. We send you some printed modules, study aids, some DVD's. Make sure you have the optional textbook- Textbook of Ayurveda part 1
2. Make sure you have the course schedule. It is sent to you printed as well as available on this home page.
3. Make sure you go through the orientation - videos, materials, that are available on this page.
4: Make sure you know what the symbols mean

Technical Help

Where do I access the course material?

First, you need a computer and an Internet connexion, to access our virtual learning campus, which is where all our learning resources are located.

Click Here

Attending a Live Class ONLINE via WEBEX

We use a third party provider called Webex for Sunday Online classes. Webex 'Live' classes can be accessed by iphone, ipad, blackberry or an android phone. However, pre-recorded classes require a computer and an Internet Connexion.

< a href="">Watch a video on how it works. How to connect to AUDIO You receive an email invite. Click on the link, put in your email, and, password—and you are placed in the conference. Alternatively, put in your meeting number, and, password in this link to be placed in the conference- You can also join the classes from a MOBILE APP that is free to download. However, to hear recordings you must have an internet Connexion and a computer.

Track A and Track B programs

What is this Track A and Track B Block programs?

Our courses are stand alone certificate programs, divided into three different levels that we call Tracks. Students get a certificate after successful completion of each track. There are two tracks that run concurrent.

Our course format follows a Three tier format for Track B and Two Tier format for Track B. Each tier builds upon the other.

After the successful completion of Ayurvedic Foundation Track A, the student can choose Yoga Therapy, Herbalist, Yoga Teacher Training. (100 more hours).

Block 1 Foundation Track B (150 Hrs) in Ayurveda is the pre requisite to advanced Ayurveda Certifications leading to Ayurvedic Practitioner 1100 hours.

After the successful completion of Block 1 Track B, student can choose Ayurveda Counselor Block 2 Programs. After the completion of Block 2, only graduates may move onto our most advanced tier- Block 3 - 1100 Hours which is a work-study program, or, can be done by online and traveling to our location once a year only
Can I get direct admission into Block 2?

No, student must do Block 1 Track B and graduate it before beginning to Block 2. However, if you have done actual classwork with a NAMA recognized college we can transfer some credits

Our class sizes are small and we also have an option of completing entire block 1 online. Block 2 can also be done online except for four days at our facility.

If you are a Registered Nurse, a Physician, an Acupuncturist--then we can ease off our AP and Biochem and can transfer upto 25 hours in Block 1, and 75 hours in Block 2.

Does the program at San Diego College of Ayurveda meet the new NAMA requirements?

Yes, our programs are approved by NAMA

What is the total duration (months) to complete the Ayurvedic Practitioner program from start to finish with no prior Ayurvedic study completed?

Track A programs

Block 1 100 Hrs is 2-3 Months. Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda Herbalist and Ayurvedic Nutrition takes 6 months. Total is 9 months

Track B programs

Block 1 150 Hrs takes 3-4 months. Block 2 counselor takes 9 months and Block 3 practitioner takes another 6- 9 months.
Total time is 18-21 months.

If I do not complete my coursework on time, can I attend extra classes.

Yes, in Block 2 and Block 3 students have upto 3 months after the classes, to take extra classes, complete their research and case studies. However Block 1 is a short program and students who want to redo their program must re enroll again. Any student who does not inform the college and is a no show for more than one month is considered unenrolled and they have to re enroll.

Transcript and Certificate

If I do not complete my course, will I still get a transcript or a certificate?

A student must have paid all their fees, and, should have zero outstanding balance, before requesting a transcript. A student must have finished all the course in its entirety to get a block 1 certificate. This includes assignments, and, quizzes, and forum discussions. For block 2, a transcript may be issued for the work successfully completed, provided there is zero outstanding balance, and, the teacher has signed off on it.

*A transcript is issued to those students:

1. Have fully paid their fees in advance, and have no outstanding balance.
2. Have completed all the course requirements.(see below)

What if I have finished only half of the course requirements, or, attended a workshop?

A student must have finished all the course requirements** in order to get a transcript. However, if you attended an onsite workshop, we will issue you a certificate of participation for the onsite workshop.

**Course requirements include assignments, quizzes, and, forum discussions, research project, case studies and/or any onsite requirements, if any. (For example, Block 2 counselor requires 25 Hours of onsite workshop, and, has an attendance requirement. If unable to travel, this can be evaluated and worked out on a case by case basis)

What if I want to rejoin and finish the course requirements, and, get my certificate

As long as all your dues are paid, and, the college director and teachers sign off on it, you can finish your course within a stipulated time. The college reserves the right to re-enroll you.