Training Delivery

San Diego College of Ayurveda is an online and distant learning institution. Most courses are 100% online, and, all you need is a good internet connexion, a computer, and be adept at handing basic technology.

Some courses are 100% online. Some Track B courses use a hybrid format of distance learning and limited onsite campus classes. (The onsite intensives can be waived for international candidates and those unable to travel on a case by case basis).

Course Name Training Delivery Onsite Workshops
Block 1 Track A 100 Hours Online only none
Ayurvedic Nutrition Online only none
Ayurveda Yoga Teacher Training Hybrid (80% online live classes) 2 Weekend Intensive workshop(s)
Ayurvedic Herbology Online only 1 Intensive workshop optional to attend
Block 1 Track B 150 Hours Hybrid (95% online) Optional Onsite Workshop
Ayurvedic Counselor 600 Hours Hybrid (80% online live classes) 1 or 2 Intensive workshop(s) onsite
Ayurvedic Practitioner 1100 Hours Hybrid (70% online live classes) Work Internship Model