How does the Hybrid Training Model Work?

What is Blended Hybrid Format of Learning? How will this work?

Blended learning is a formal education program in which a student learns at least in part through delivery of content and instruction via digital and online media with some element of student control over time, place, path, or pace. (Wikipedia)

We use a hybrid system of blended learning training delivery. (See next FAQ). The classes are replicated in a Virtual Learning Environment, instead, of a physical location. Online classes are conducted via Webinars or Virtual Classroom using Webex. Live classes can be accessed on the ‘go' on your iphone, ipad, Android smartphone, tablet or computer.

Track A programs (except Ayurveda Yoga teacher training) and Block 1 is completely online and does not require you to travel at all.

Track B advanced programs follow a blended hybrid format. Online classes, as well as onsite intensives twice a year that double up as internship. This can be waived for some international students on a case by case basis on the discretion of the college. The classes are replicated in a Virtual Learning Environment, instead, of a physical location. It also includes traditional home study and onsite classroom at our location.

What are the components of the Hybrid Learning Model

There are four components to our Hybrid Learning in Ayurveda -

Offline Component - Students receive enrollment packet with study modules, and study aids. Students study in their own time. Students can also log in at our Virtual Campus, and, watch pre recorded classes, watch slideshows, hear mp3 recordings of previous classes. Research by the students is considered offline and distant learning, as well.

This is the link to the LMS, or, our LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.

Interactive Component - Students can access case studies, or, post questions at our Forum. Students can take interactive online quizzes, and, post assignments online. Teachers will get back with the feedback. Students can interact with the teachers via email, or, forums. This is available on the

'LIVE' Classes via Webex - 'Live' classes via webex, Cisco technology two or three times a week. We replicate a classroom environment. Students receive an 'INVITE' to the live class with a password. Click on the URl and it takes you to our virtual classroom. Interact with the teacher live at this time. If you miss a class, watch the recording.

Weekend Intensives Onsite Intensives offered at our location twice a year for Track B Advanced programs. In addition, there are monthly workshops and community workshops. These are optional to attend for most of the other programs. . However, Track B Block 2 and Block 3 are required to attend at least one of these intensives as this doubles up as internship as well. The travelling and internship can be waived can be offered on a case by case basis if a student is international and unable to travel. However, this is at the discretion of the college.

Can I sign up for A La Carte Webinar classes without signing up for a course

Yes, provided our teachers are okay with it, yes you can attend online webinars without signing up for a course for Ayurvedic Nutrition, Ayurveda Yoga Therapy, Meditation or Sanskrit- for $25 per class. (Online classes run apx. 2 hrs)