Transcript and Certificate

If I do not complete my course, will I still get a transcript or a certificate?

A student must have paid all their fees, and, should have zero outstanding balance, before requesting a transcript. A student must have finished all the course in its entirety to get a block 1 certificate. This includes assignments, and, quizzes, and forum discussions. For block 2, a transcript may be issued for the work successfully completed, provided there is zero outstanding balance, and, the teacher has signed off on it.

*A transcript is issued to those students:

1. Have fully paid their fees in advance, and have no outstanding balance.
2. Have completed all the course requirements.(see below)

What if I have finished only half of the course requirements, or, attended a workshop?

A student must have finished all the course requirements** in order to get a transcript. However, if you attended an onsite workshop, we will issue you a certificate of participation for the onsite workshop.

**Course requirements include assignments, quizzes, and, forum discussions, research project, case studies and/or any onsite requirements, if any. (For example, Block 2 counselor requires 25 Hours of onsite workshop, and, has an attendance requirement. If unable to travel, this can be evaluated and worked out on a case by case basis)

What if I want to rejoin and finish the course requirements, and, get my certificate

As long as all your dues are paid, and, the college director and teachers sign off on it, you can finish your course within a stipulated time. The college reserves the right to re-enroll you.