Ayurveda Counselor Internship

Ayurveda Counselor Internship

INTERNSHIP requirement (AC107) may be completed online, or, in-person in Austin, TX*. Please note that the in-person internship may cost extra and students are required to make their own travel and hotel arrangements during the internship weekends.

Online Internship costs less. We offer a discounted cost for online Ayurveda counselors.

Students are required to complete a minimum of 100 hours and 50 client encounters during the internship done via client encounter observation, and participation.

Students can complete the lab and internship requirements in person by choosing the hybrid option. Or, students can choose to do internships completely online, via live or recorded broadcast appointments, or, any appropriate security software being used by the school.

One part of the Internship may include some lectures like ethics, the scope of practice, labs, demonstration of biofeedback, or creating paperwork, or materials for clients. It may also include arranging and actively participating in appointments with clients. The internship may also include in-person or virtual appointments, post discussions, paperwork, and planning. If this is done in person, it will be “recorded” for viewing later by online students.

Our Ayurveda Internship module AC107 is 100 hours and a minimum of 50 client encounters must be completed.


Term 1-3: During terms 1 thru 3, the student observes the teacher, or, an advanced Practitioner student with a client in person* during internship* in person, OR, online via video. Students get a chance to ask questions post-interview. We strive to complete 25 client observations and 50 hours during this time .*

Term 3-6: At the end of term 3, students are ready to start seeing clients more actively and independently instead of just watching and observing. Student/client one-on-one may be done in person during an onsite internship with a teacher or Practitioner student helping out with paperwork and the creation of client protocols or herbs. Online students may do this one-to-one client encounter asynchronously with the student's family, community, friends, or other students within the group. Ideally, the student strives to complete 25 client encounters and a total of 50 hours. (Ideally 2 hours per client, however, it may vary according to the client)

Up to 25 client encounters must be devoted to the client one to one. Online Student is required to note client interview time in each report sent. Feedback on client encounters is given to the student in person for those attending in person. Online students are given feedback via video, or, online meeting software. Please note that students who will NOT be attending in person for active client participation may have to arrange their own clients.

*Do note that if you are planning to take the NAMA Certification Board exam, they may need you to do client observations in person. Please check with NAMA website directly. The transcript will reflect if the internship was done online or in person. If the student is planning to attend in person in Austin, they must bear the cost of airfare, travel and hotel.


National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA), a self-regulating membership organization has set guidelines for students who will begin their professional Ayurveda Counselor training post-January 1st, 2022 that state that an Ayurveda Counselor who plans to take the certification exam or apply for professional NAMA membership must include hands-on training, OR in-person internship. (For those are unable to travel here and want to take the NAMA exam, ask us about the "externship" option with an Ayurveda Practitioner in your area)

Without this component, the student may not qualify to take the NAMA Certification Board exam or apply for membership. NAMA certification board may not allow online-only Ayurveda counselor students to take this exam. So, taking the course 100% Online option is suggested for international students or those who do not wish to take this exam or apply for professional membership. Read more directly at their website- https://www.namacb.org/

Final Research Project

To enhance in-class learning, students are required to complete a final project outside of class related to the theory and practice of Ayurveda related to any of the class units.(AC101 thru AC112) This shall be facilitated by the class instructors. The project can take the form of workshops arranged by the school for the community, visiting Ayurveda shops or spas in your area, or, and/or writing articles for the school blog, and/or, doing research and reporting your findings, and/or conducting free Ayurveda seminars in their own community, etc.

Students will obtain the permission of the faculty before embarking on their projects.

Final research project will include writing a FINAL REPORT or PAPER on your project with an introduction, conclusion and Primary and secondary references.