Admission Requirements


Students must have the equivalent of an Ayurvedic Counselor 600 Hrs certification from Narayana Ayurveda and Yoga Academy, or, any NAMA reviewed school.


The minimum age to join this program is 18 years old before the first day of class.


Students must have a high school diploma with basic English language skills. This maybe a US or International High School English Language Arts with minimum 60% scores. Alternatively, if you did not have English in your high school, then TOEFL iBT® test taken within 2 years of date of application will suffice. Minimum acceptance TOEFL iBT® scores should be between 17-23 for listening skills, 15-21 for reading and writing skills. Speaking skills may be 10-17. Read more at and

Equipment Requirement:

As this is an online course, Students must have a laptop or a desktop computer, a webcam, a headset, and, a reliable internet access with internet speeds upto 3.1 Mbps - 6 Mbps to participate in the distant learning online course. This will help the student keep up with class communications and access to research and study resources. Students do not need to buy or download any software. However, students may be required to download a FREE APP if they wish to login to live classes via their smartphones, or, tablets.

Computer Quiz

This is determined by an open quiz, a Computer Skills Test available below.

Alumni and existing students of Narayana Ayurveda & Yoga Academy applying to this program need not take the computer skills test.

• Personal Interview

A personal interview will be conducted with each student prior to acceptance as part of our selection criteria.