AC101-Introduction to Ayurveda

Course Number- AC101 50 Hrs/12 Lessons

In this module, students are introduced to too many topics as a birds-eye view of nearly all the Ayurveda Foundational principles. For example, not only do the students learn what is Ayurveda from ancient textbooks, and our regular Sanskrit jargon, but they also learn how to explain Ayurveda to a layman. We discuss differences and similarities between Ayurveda and other Complementary and integrative healing modalities.

We go into the origin of Ayurveda, the origin story, the mythological beginnings along with scholarly views in history books.

We start students with some basic strategies on how to study, get them started on a Sanskrit jargon/glossary.

We learn about the Ayurvedic philosophy (samkhya), the definition of health, and break it down, over and over again. We introduce students to Agni (digestive fire), Dhatu (Tissues), Mala (Wastes), Indriyas (Senses and their role in health), and Manas(mind).

Lectures are very information-dense followed by some days given to digest all this information. In addition, we have assignments, discussions, quizzes. Every lesson is layered on each other so there is repetition.

We also do the dosha test (prakrti and vikrti) in class as well as in homework. We learn about the 20 gunas that give the doshas their qualities. We learn briefly about the effect of season on doshas.

Students really enjoy the lesson on Karma and its effect on their wellness.

Synopsis: Foundation in Ayurveda Principles & Philosophy, A Birdseye complete overview of basic Ayurvedic Principles for self-balancing. Students will have an introduction to Ayurveda as a modality, with a focus on self-evaluation and balancing protocols for self doshas.

Lesson 1 Overview foundation of Ayurvedic Medicine
Lesson 2 History & Mythology of Ayurvedic Medicine
Lesson 3, Dosha Test, finding our own natural constitution
Lesson 4 Comparison of Ayurveda to other Holistic Modalities
Lesson 5 Six Philosophies, Samkhya and 24 Tattvas
Lesson 6 Sensory Therapy and Ayurveda
Lesson 7 Five elements and 20 Gunas
Lesson 8 Introduction to Agni and Digestive Fire
Lesson 9 Reasons for imbalance and Suffering (Hetus and Kleshas)
Lesson 10 Svastha Vritta (Day, Night, and Seasonal Routines)
Lesson 11 Introduction to Prana, Tejas and Ojas
Lesson 12 Daily and Seasonal routine for doshas

Total Lessons: 12
Grades: 70% pass.
Quizzes- 25%
Discussions and Articles- 25%
Create Daily & Seasonal routine-20%
Prakrti Test for self and two other individuals)-25%