I have some previous knowledge of Ayurveda? Can I transfer some credits?

The distance learning we provide includes actual class time with an instructor. This is a requirement by National Ayurvedic Medical Association. (For 600 Hr Nama approved course --300 Hrs must be actual interaction with the teachers).

For this reason, we can only transfer around 25 Hours from any 'distance learning' course in block 1 foundation, and, 100 Hours in Block 2. Our focus is to apply the knowledge in a real life scenario, remove causative factors and start even block 1 students with introductory basic Rx protocols.

Student maybe required to talk to a professor or a teacher to determine their basic knowledge and its application. (Over the phone), and, provide us with a certificate of previous knowledge or a transcript from a NAMA approved institution.

Please note we dont consider having read many books on Ayurveda, a substitute for learning under a qualified teacher or a Vaidya.

In the Block 2 - we may transfer upto another 100 Hrs. (Provided the student can successfully pass all the tests, quizzes and case studies --your knowledge and application of knowledge is determined by our professors)

We are trying to prepare our students for NAMA approved standards and more, so, our standards are very high.