Track A Programs

To keep up with the NAMA (National Ayurvedic Medical Association) mandate for increasing the counselor hours to 600, we have created two Block 1 tracks.

Ayurveda 101 This 50 Hr Basic Foundation in Ayurveda lasts 5-6 weeks on Sunday mornings via WEBEX. DVDS, pre recorded classes and materials are mailed to the student. All quizzes, assignments and activities can be done online. The students have limited quizzes and assignments.

Pre requisite to Ayurveda Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda Herbology and Ayurvedic Nutrition. Early Bird Discount 5% if full payment is made 6 weeks in advance

Our courses are extremely affordable and have been divided into two Tracks in order to keep up with the new Practitioner Hours mandated by National Medical Ayurvedic Association.

Track A is not reviewed by NAMA, and, lead to certifications like Yoga Teacher Training 200 hours, Yoga Therapy 200 Hours, Herbalist 200 Hours and so on.

Track A programs are short programs usually around 200-350 Credit Hours.

Block 1 is eligible for a 5% Early Bird Discounts for sign ups 30 days in advance.

Certification Courses

Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hours
Ayurvedic Herbalist (Distant learning portion can be started anytime, Classes and Workshop every two months) 200 Hours
Ayurvedic Nutrition 200 Hours
Ayurveda Yoga Therapy 200 Hours
Ayurveda Health Educator 350 Hours

NOTE: This track is for students NOT planning to get a NAMA certification, or, who are unable to fulfill the travel requirements for Track B. Most of these courses are 100% online.