Self Support Wellness Camp

A journey of self awareness
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Dates 3 day camp on December 27, 28th and 29th. (2 hrs per day. 3 Hrs if you also sign up for a consultation)

Dec 27th Ayurvedic Cooking and Spices
We will assess the state of your digestion (Agni test) with the help of our students. Participants will learn to turn your kitchen cabinet into a kitchen pharmacy with spices that balance your digestion and constitution. Followed by Ayurvedic Consultation.
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Dec 28th We will assess your dosha (prakrti) with the help ouf students. We will discuss yoga poses, breathing exercises and Ayurvedic herbs best suited for your constitution. Followed by Ayurvedic Consultation. (If you signed up)

Dec 29th We will talk about how to do self abhyanga massage, oil pulling, and make our own herbal teeth cleansing powder, and/or hair oil with herbs. Followed by Ayurvedic Consultation. (If you signed up)

Audience- Anyone and everyone is welcome. Perfect for self help, those with no knowledge of Ayurveda, or, those new to Ayurveda. This course can be used for self awareness and promoting balance in your body-mind and spirit.

Anyone can attend this community camp. There is no certificate or credit for this camp.

Note: Enrolled Students in Ayurveda Counselor, or, Practitioner may be assist or observe the consultations.

$20 per person day (includes consultation)
Consultation only -$10 per person. (If you dont want to sign up for the camp, and, only want to come in for a consultation, this is a good option)
$50 for all three days. (Includes consultation)

Military, or familymembers of enrolled students, alumni- $10 per day
Location South Austin. (TBD)